What kind of story to write about in my essay on personal experience

Personal write-ups provide a glimpse of one’s intimate lessons and experiences. Such an assignment is normally given to English students or as a requirement for college application. However there are some topics which should be avoided and will be explained here in. Take the below list as writing prompts you could use in your essay about personal experience and imagine a special occurrence brought by the inspiration.

15 Best ideas

  1. A terrifying dream
  2. Job hunting
  3. The first time you saw an ocean or a mountain
  4. A moment you brushed shoulders with death
  5. Breaking a bone
  6. Being in the Scouts organization
  7. The experience of getting teeth braces
  8. When and how you found the truth about Santa Claus
  9. A lesson you learnt form a close friend
  10. A lonely and long trip
  11. An embarrassing moment with your parents
  12. A play/movie/novel that has a great impression up to now
  13. A haunted neighborhood residence
  14. That time you changed someone’s life
  15. Your best summer vacation

Bad topics which can have your college application rejected

  1. Your drug abuse habits
    Colleges have tactics for dealing with drug abuse to make sure that the lives of student do not become ruined. An assignment is definitely not the right place to give personal experience on illegal substance use.
  2. Sex life
    This is a bad topic idea. No examiner cares about your sex escapades. You might embarrass yourself by giving too much information!
  3. Your experience in prison
    If you have had a run-in with the state law, do not draw some unnecessary attention in your college assignment.
  4. Excuses
    You might have had a bad experience in former school that led to low grades. Maybe you were sick, or your parents separated. Do not ring in this information in your college application essay.

If you make a poor choice of a topic during your college application, you might get some disastrous results. Be a masterful writer and avoid the aforementioned topics in your personal essay. To get the best essay help and guided advice on choosing a proper topic, use our online service.