5 steps to help you get control over your writing process

Writing an essay can be challenging if you are not prepared. Most students struggle to get started and end up writing shoddy work which gets them lower scores. Here are five steps to help you get control of your writing process.

  1. Plan your time well
  2. Before getting started, you must have a clear plan of how to complete every assessment in your course. You should write this in your diary. Actually, for every piece of essay or assignment, work backward to allocate adequate time for reviewing the topic, researching on the topic, writing, referencing and proofreading the work.

  3. Make sure you understand the question
  4. When you get the instructions, make sure you review the question to be addressed. This will help you to know what to do and the research required to complete a great piece. You can breakdown the questions into parts like the main keywords and concepts to be included in the paper, the issue set by the topic given so that you can address it and be more specific in your exploration and analysis. Moreover, you need to understand the instructional words like analyze, argue, describe discuss, evaluate, review..among others in order to have a good direction.

  5. Make sure you understand criteria sheet
  6. Carefully review the criteria sheet given by your tutor so that you understand what is expected of your essay. It is important to note that the criteria sheets are different for all the courses.

  7. Carry out adequate research
  8. After understanding the objectives of the work, you should begin your research with the resources specified in the course outline. Besides the resources set out in your outline, carry out comprehensive research and consult your tutor in case you need some guidance on the number of sources needed and the type of references required such as peer-reviewed journals and government journals. Use the keywords or the concepts to look for relevant sources. Check from UQlibrary, Google scholar, and journal databases. Read and understand the concepts from the source and write a draft paper.

  9. Write the whole essay
  10. After coming up with a draft, you now need to write the real work. Follow the essay plan you designed to know what concept goes where and in what order and how to articulate the main ideas. In a situation where you are required to make arguments, select your position on the issue and support it with adequate evidence. Ensure readability, the flow of ideas, the relevance of every point/idea, and avoid generalizations. Reference your work at the end. And don't forget to check out unemployed professors review if you are looking for a writing service to help you with an essay.